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Ed Gein Action Figure – Banned from Ebay!


ed gein cover

Includes: 1 of 2 ever made Ed Gein action figure!! (prototypes from Geiner Toyz) the other one sold for $300 right here on – See more pics of prototype below. This killer collection also includes Spectre Studios Ed Gein action figure, Hand Crafted Skull Bowl (ceramic – museum quality) Ed Gein DVD signed by actor Kane Hodder, Gaff Ed Gein’s Wood framed, Gaff Severed Finger in a Jar, Comic books “True Gein” and “Weird Trips“, DVD’s “Ed Gein” and “Serial Killers: Ed Gein“, An autographed photo of Steve Railsback (played Ed Gein in the movie ED GEIN)!, 2 books “Ed Gein Psycho” and “Deviant” and the same JC Penny hunters cap Ed wore! a Plainfield PD patch and a Scope 35mm “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” movie Trailer Head used at Drive-Ins!! Free Shipping!


Ed Gein Collection



This prototype was previously sold here

There were only two made – We sold one and have the last remaining doll in our collection. The LAST REMAINING ONE is for sale in the above collection.