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Guy Gensley designed by Tim Huck

Guy Gensley designed by Tim Huck
is owned by the Look family.  They contracted me to build an online tribute page in his memory and share his music free of charge.

Guy Gensley was known by most for his unabashed, blistering fast heavy metal guitar solos. His raw style featured mutes, taps and sweeps with such defined clarity he could command an audience in virtually any arena. Guy attacked the guitar like no other.

A true virtuoso of uncompromising ability. As an award winning guitarist, Guy with his band Triton played shows to countless fans across South Florida for nearly three decades. It wasn’t until the latter half of his meta crusade that Guy, encouraged by friends and fans, began to write original works. This package is a compilation of those songs assembled from various sources.

Guy hated the recording studio and compared it to going to the dentist. He didn’t believe in multiple takes or massive editing either. As a result, most of the tracks you will find here are single take, set your pants on fire and hope for the best.