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Tim Huck: What I Do


Tim Huck

I enjoy building websites and have been doing so since 1995 as a CIW (Certified Internet Webmaster).  There are many live examples listed under webmaster services to take a look at.  I also introduced the world to Text to Screen Services several years back that started in nightclubs in Tampa and grew to encompass world wide corporate events.  You can see that business here:

I also travel and sell the software we use and give tech support to the newbies.  I love what I do.  I also have been dabbling in Toy Collecting as well as Ghost Hunting and paranormal investigations.  I am the type of guy that loves to keep the inner child alive and well.  As a Ghost Hunter, I was featured on A&E Bio’s “My Ghost Story: Caught on Camera” with the Belleview Biltmore Hotel.  One of my partners on that show is also a client:  My wife Mary being the third that night.

As a Toy Hunter, I am an expert in Six Million Dollar Man action figures, Mego Style action figures and most pre-1980 toys.  For entertainment, I can be found at Comic-Con type events where i enjoy meeting and greeting celebrities as well as attending live concerts.

I have a couple of daughters and a grandson, so I can relate to parenthood and the joys of giving chocolate to my grandson just prior to returning him to his parents.  I have been known for my sense of humor and for my ability to run restaurant chains, which I typically do as well for over two decades.

My wife and I regularly can be seen at Universal Studios in Orlando.  You can spot me easily, I am the one holding her purse while she rides the HULK.  If you are interested in any of things I do email me and let’s talk business!