Tim Huck

Want a Bif Bang Pow Steve Austin?   You must buy Bigfoot!

Bif Bang Pow creators of a recent Six Million Dollar Man line of 8-inch Mego Style action figures have a policy of selling you figures in “pairs” says Edward Haller, Department Manager of Client Services from EntertainmentEarth.com.   This policy does not allow anyone to buy just the figures they want, which are packaged separately.

Edward says: “The manufacturer of the SMDM product line delivers these figures to us in the assortments you see.  It is there intention that Steve Austin be paired with Bigfoot, and that Oscar Goldman is paired with the Fembot.  Each 2 piece assortment is considered to be 1 individual item, so we cannot simply take 1 part of each assortment and make the pieces into a new assortment.  Entertainment Earth always sells the merchandise as it is delivered to us by the manufacturer.  We do not create the assortments ourselves, or break them up unless asked to do so by the manufacturer.”

Yes, Edward said “there intention” and not “their intention”, but isn’t that corporate America?  Let’s hope it was a spell check gone bad.

Big Foot

All I wanted to do is purchase “Steve Austin” and “Oscar Goldman” only, as I am going to meet Lee Majors and Richard Anderson at a convention in Tampa, FL.

Edward Haller says no go. “Most likely it was the owners of the SMDM TV show license that determined that the action figures should be released in these pairings.  And on our part, we are obligated to sell the merchandise as the manufacturer delivers it to us; whether in assortments or as individual pieces.”‘

I will help him out, the owners Edward is referring to Universal Studio Entertainment.


It Takes Two Baby!

Currently, as EntertainmentEarth.com policy stands, if you wish to have a Steve Austin and Oscar Goldman, you will have to overpay a whopping 100 percent and have figures you don’t want.  What happens if you break one of them?  You have to buy another set. Yes, now you will have 2 Bigfoot figures you don’t want if you have to replace the Steve you wanted.  Keep breaking your Steve Austin and you will have so many Bigfoots you can contact Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot and let them know you have dozens in your house and their search is over.

One Two Three  Four Five…  Five Bigfoots!    AH AH AH AH AH.

Bif Bang Pow did not respond to inquiry about these allegations.

Update:  “This is Entertainment Earth contacting you on behalf of Bif Bang Pow, the manufacturer of the SMDM product line.  Our BBP liaison has contacted us and asked us to offer you the Steve Austin Red Jumpsuit figure along with the Oscar Goldman figures, by themselves.”

Way to go Bif Bang Pow!