Divi Expert

When it comes to features without adding on plugins, Divi stands out as the premier platform to work with.  CIW Certified, I have built websites for decades and highly recommend Divi and will teach you how to use it.

WordPress Developer

I specialize in WordPress web design using Divi, a Certified Internet Webmaster, I can also build anything on the Internet using any format or customize any theme.  I am a freelance Web Developer ready for hire.

Featured Work

Website Redesign

BonSue Books

Website Redesign

BonSueBooks.com is a redesign from another website I had built for client Author BonSue Brandvik.  An author, preservationist who trusts in me for a decade to take care of her online presents to feature her work as an author.

Native Security Services

Website Development

Native Security Services

Native Security Services is a website I developed for Mike Haupt for a Texas firm that handles government contracts with security services, consultation and many other needs including Video Walls.

 Website Design

Native Power Systems

Based out of San Antonio and El Paso Texas, Native Power Systems provide clients with a wide variety of energy solutions for both government and private sectors.  From Electrical needs like generators to all aspects of energy.

Native Power Systems
Native Energy

Website Development

Native Energy and Technology, Inc.

Native Energy and Technology primary function is major government contracts to provide a wide variety of services.  Based out of Texas with satellite offices around the US, this group provides Energy needs and much more.

Website Redesign

Bobble Sniper

Bobble Sniper is a YouTube star and he owns the largest collection of bobbleheads in the world.  If you can find someone that has more, introduce them.  He is dedicated to keeping the content fresh and new.  If you ever wanted to know anything about sports bobbleheads, this is the premier website on the net. 

bobble sniper
Photography by GMC

Website Development

Photography by GMC

Greg Mcall is a professional wedding photographer in the greater Tampa Bay Area.  He has been serving the needs of brides and corporate events for decades and is well respected in Florida.  He serves the surrounding areas as well and works with every venue.

Website Redesign

Clearwater Ghost Hunter

Clearwater Ghost Hunter is a blog style website that features the largest collection of photos from the years when the Belleview Biltmore Hotel was the largest wooden structure in the US.  Featured on My Ghost Story, it shares the haunting stories as well as viewer stories from their visit to this historic hotel.



“I have known Tim for decades; it is all about old school TRUST.  He has built 3 websites for our company and is scheduled for a 4th.  Tim always has our best interests in mind and if we need something done, he gets it done.  We are too busy running our business and we have Tim do our updates as well.  He is fast, reliable and goes the extra mile and always exceeds our expectations and deadlines.”

Mike Haupt

Owner Native Security Services


A good website plays a critical role in a writer’s media platform; however, I don’t have the time or expertise to build or manage one. I met Tim Huck a decade ago, when I was at my wits end. My website was a disaster. My former webmaster wasn’t answering my pleas for help. A local friend had tried to intervene on my behalf, but had only made matters worse. Thankfully, I hired Tim. He was able to recover most of the content from my old site, create a much better site, and forward all traffic from my old site to my new one. Recently, the platform that had been used to host my website became obsolete and Tim came to the rescue again. He created a brand new site for me, with even more capabilities to promote my books and organize/store a huge amount of content. I highly recommend Tim Huck to anyone who needs a new website built, needs help managing an existing site, and/or needs to learn how to manage a website on their own.” 

BonSue Brandvik

Owner BonSueBooks.com

“Tim is a webmaster you can trust as his attention to detail is unmatched.  His level of expertise is above the rest and his utmost concern is to make the customer happy.  I would not hesitate to hire him!”

Scott James

Owner BobbleSniper.com

My Services

Website Design

A website has to have a great look and solid navigation.  I like to work with the client to understand what they want to accomplish with their web presence.  Things to ask yourself is:  What do I want my visitors to do?  How do I want them to feel?  What can I teach my visitors and how can they have a positive experience?  The biggest question is what value can you provide them?  Typically. we start with a solid foundation such as Divi, then we can find a template that is similar to your websites needs then we customize it to the max to make it a one of a kind.

Website Design

Have you ever given the remote control to your significant other an hour later you both can’t decide?  Most the time, almost always, my clients give me a crack at deciding on a look first.  I have a great record of nailing it the first time, then comes the adjustments as you, the client, tweaks and adds things to taste.  If you have a look picked out that’s great, if not give me the remote and I’ll give you a show!

Branding & Logo

Logos are something I take care of as well, sometimes my client will change up the logo to match up the new redesigned website. If you have an established Logo and want to hold on dearly to it, I will adjust the look of the website to compliment your logo. 

Content Strategy

I will teach you basic SEO with plugin assistance to guide you to a perfect strategy for your content.  How you say it and the keywords it contains can steer how you promote it.  

Website Development

Delvelopment is the part where most webmasters leave you in the dust.  It is actually putting your content on the website and not leaving the heavy lifting for you.  Yes, it is vital that after your website is up and live with your current content that you update it, but how many webmasters will literally teach you how?  I do, in fact I teach my clients though the entire course of learning.  This means a constant need to learn as time goes on.  That is why you need a webmaster that will always be there for you.

Built From Scratch

Don’t have a website?  Only a dream?  I will make that dream come alive and make sure I exceed what you had envisioned   Once you see the foundation, it will inspire you further to help me take your vision to the next level.

Choose a Premade Template

You have been doing your homework and you have already picked out a template you want, but it’s not Divi.  That’s perfectly fine, I can build and customize any template to taste.

Maintenance & Updates

Many of my customers who choose to not get hands on can call me when they need content updates.  I can be your on-call webmaster or I can take care of your basic maintenance if desired.

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Toy Collector, Cryprozoology, Paranormal & the Macabre 

Haunted Belleview Biltmore Hotel

Haunted Belleview Biltmore Hotel

Clearwater Ghost Hunter is a website I created after an experience I personally had at the Belleview Biltmore Hotel.  It was intended to be an archive of what this White Queen of the Gulf had looked like for fear it was going to be torn down.  The scouts from...

Mego Super Heroes

Mego Super Heroes

When I was a kid, 10 years old to be exact, I was in a pretty nasty accident that included me on a bike and a Ford Bronco.  The Ford Bronco won.  While laid up in a hospital bed for an extended period of time, I was given a set of Mego Super Heroes from my parents and...

Creature Feature – Jersey Devil

Creature Feature – Jersey Devil

A missing Pterodactyl, a horse faced bat or just another camp fire story that grown ups continue to believe? The Jersey Devil is next up on Creature Feature.. The Jersey Devil is a legendary creature or cryptid said to inhabit the Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey,...