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Website Convert, Rebuild and Graphic


Integriward is a website I converted from Elementor to Divi and migrated to new hosting for  for a Texas firm that handles government contracts with security services, consultation and every aspect of major developments.

John Tyler Law Firm

Website Design, Logo Creation AI Content Development and Graphics

John Tyler Law Firm

John Tyler Law Firm is a website I converted from GoDaddy Web Builder to Divi and migrated to new hosting and complete redesign and content creation for Colorado Law firm that serves the legal needs of the Western Slope of Colorado.


Website Redesign and Logo Creation

BonSue Books

BonSueBooks.com is a redesign from another website I had built for client Author BonSue Brandvik.  An author, preservationist who trusts in me for a decade to take care of her online presents to feature her work as an author.

Native Security Services

Website Design, Logo Creation and Graphics

Native Security Services

Native Security Services is a website I developed for Mike Haupt for a Texas firm that handles government contracts with security services, consultation and many other needs including Video Walls.

Native Power Systems

 Website Design and Graphics

Native Power Systems

Based out of San Antonio and El Paso Texas, Native Power Systems provide clients with a wide variety of energy solutions for both government and private sectors.  From Electrical needs like generators to all aspects of energy.

Native Energy

Website Design and Graphics

Native Energy and Technology, Inc.

Native Energy and Technology primary function is major government contracts to provide a wide variety of services.  Based out of Texas with satellite offices around the US, this group provides Energy needs and much more.


Website Redesign

Bobble Sniper

Bobble Sniper is a YouTube star and he owns the largest collection of bobbleheads in the world.  If you can find someone that has more, introduce them.  He is dedicated to keeping the content fresh and new with minimalistic approach.  If you ever wanted to know anything about sports bobbleheads, this is the premier website on the net.

Photography by Gmc

Website Redesign / Logo Creation

Photography by GMC

Greg Mcall is a professional wedding photographer in the greater Tampa Bay Area.  He has been serving the needs of brides and corporate events for decades and is well respected in Florida.  He serves the surrounding areas as well and works with every venue.

clearwater ghost hunter

Website Redesign, Logo Creation and Graphics

Clearwater Ghost Hunter

Clearwater Ghost Hunter is a blog style website that features the largest collection of photos from the years when the Belleview Biltmore Hotel was the largest wooden structure in the US.  Featured on My Ghost Story, it shares the haunting stories as well as viewer stories from their visit to this historic hotel.

Tim Huck

Website Design, Logo Creation, Graphics and AI Content Development

Tim Huck

Yes even this website is created by me in a Divi platform.  My hobbies are collecting Pre-1980 Toys, Celebrity Signatures and Rock Memorabilia.  When I’m not building or developing websites, I can be found attending Rock Concerts and Cons.

What makes a good WordPress webmaster?

A good WordPress webmaster, also known as a web administrator or web manager, is someone who effectively manages, maintains, and optimizes WordPress websites to ensure they run smoothly, remain secure, and achieve their intended goals.

Here are 15 key qualities and skills that make a good WordPress webmaster

  1. Technical Proficiency: A strong understanding of WordPress itself is crucial. This includes knowledge of themes, plugins, core updates, database management, and basic coding (HTML, CSS, and possibly PHP).
  2. Security Expertise: Ensuring the security of the WordPress website is paramount. A good webmaster should be well-versed in implementing security best practices, using strong passwords, setting up firewalls, monitoring for vulnerabilities, and regularly updating themes and plugins.
  3. Troubleshooting Skills: Websites inevitably encounter technical issues. A good webmaster can quickly diagnose problems, whether they involve broken links, server errors, or issues with third-party integrations.
  4. Performance Optimization: Website speed is crucial for user experience and search engine ranking. A skilled webmaster can optimize images, leverage caching, minimize scripts, and employ content delivery networks (CDNs) to improve performance.
  5. SEO Knowledge: Understanding of basic search engine optimization principles is important. This includes optimizing content, utilizing SEO plugins, creating XML sitemaps, and ensuring proper URL structures.
  6. Regular Backups: Data loss can be catastrophic. A good webmaster sets up regular backups of the website and its database and knows how to restore them if needed.
  7. Communication Skills: Effective communication is essential, especially if the webmaster works with clients or collaborates with a team. They should be able to explain technical concepts in a clear and understandable manner.
  8. Up-to-Date with Trends: The digital landscape evolves rapidly. A good webmaster keeps up with the latest trends, security threats, and best practices in web development and design.
  9. Attention to Detail: Websites often consist of many interconnected elements. A meticulous webmaster pays attention to every detail, ensuring consistency, accuracy, and proper functioning across the site.
  10. Adaptability: WordPress is a flexible platform with frequent updates. A good webmaster should be adaptable to change, learning new features and technologies as they are introduced.
  11. Customer Service: If the webmaster interacts directly with clients or website users, excellent customer service skills are crucial. Patience, empathy, and problem-solving ability contribute to a positive experience for everyone involved.
  12. Project Management: For larger websites or projects, organizational skills are necessary to manage tasks, timelines, and resources effectively.
  13. Analytics and Monitoring: Being able to analyze website traffic, user behavior, and engagement metrics helps the webmaster make informed decisions about content and design improvements.
  14. Creative Eye: While not always required, having an understanding of design principles can be beneficial for making visual improvements to the website’s appearance.
  15. Ethical Approach: A good webmaster follows ethical practices, respects copyright and intellectual property rights, and adheres to relevant laws and regulations.

Remember, being a good WordPress webmaster involves a combination of technical skills, soft skills, and a commitment to ongoing learning. It’s a role that requires both a passion for technology and a dedication to providing the best possible user experience.


“I have known Tim for decades; it is all about old school TRUST.  He has built 3 websites for our company and is scheduled for a 4th.  Tim always has our best interests in mind and if we need something done, he gets it done.  We are too busy running our business and we have Tim do our updates as well.  He is fast, reliable and goes the extra mile and always exceeds our expectations and deadlines.”

Mike Haupt

Owner Native Security Services


A good website plays a critical role in a writer’s media platform; however, I don’t have the time or expertise to build or manage one. I met Tim Huck a decade ago, when I was at my wits end. My website was a disaster. My former webmaster wasn’t answering my pleas for help. A local friend had tried to intervene on my behalf, but had only made matters worse. Thankfully, I hired Tim. He was able to recover most of the content from my old site, create a much better site, and forward all traffic from my old site to my new one. Recently, the platform that had been used to host my website became obsolete and Tim came to the rescue again. He created a brand new site for me, with even more capabilities to promote my books and organize/store a huge amount of content. I highly recommend Tim Huck to anyone who needs a new website built, needs help managing an existing site, and/or needs to learn how to manage a website on their own.” 

BonSue Brandvik

Owner BonSueBooks.com

“Tim is a webmaster you can trust as his attention to detail is unmatched.  His level of expertise is above the rest and his utmost concern is to make the customer happy.  I would not hesitate to hire him!”

Scott James

Owner BobbleSniper.com

Reasons why you need a website

Online Presence

A website provides a virtual storefront, allowing people to find and learn about your business or personal brand online, 24/7. It’s a crucial platform to showcase your products, services, and information.

Credibility and Trust

In today’s digital age, a professional-looking website lends credibility to your business or personal brand. It builds trust among potential customers, partners, and clients, showcasing that you’re a legitimate and reliable entity.

Global Reach

A website enables you to reach a global audience beyond your local area. This can be especially advantageous for businesses aiming to expand their market or for individuals seeking a wider reach for their content or services.

Marketing and Branding

Your website acts as a central hub for your online marketing efforts. You can use it to share valuable content, engage with your audience through blogs or social media, and establish a strong brand identity.

Customer Interaction

A website provides a platform for customer interaction. You can offer contact forms, live chat, and even e-commerce capabilities for customers to make purchases or inquiries directly through your site.

Remember Your Goal

Remember, the specific reasons for needing a website can vary depending on your goals, whether you’re a business owner, artist, blogger, or someone looking to showcase their work or expertise.

tim huck’s webmastering Services

CIW Certified Webmaster

AI Content Development

With the aid of AI Technology, I will absolutely create relevant, accurate and informative content for your website.  I can write on any topic and any field of expertise.  In the world of search engines it is true that CONTENT IS KING.

Website Design

Website design refers to the process of creating and arranging the visual elements, layout, and user interface of a website. It encompasses both the aesthetic aspects of a site, such as color schemes, typography, and graphics, as well as the functional components that contribute to a seamless user experience.

Effective website design aims to capture the brand’s identity, communicate information clearly, and guide users through the content effortlessly. It involves a combination of artistic creativity, user-centered thinking, and technical expertise to produce a visually appealing, user-friendly, and responsive website that meets the goals and needs of both the business and its visitors.

Website Design

Have you ever given the remote control to your significant other an hour later you both can’t decide?  Most the time, almost always, my clients give me a crack at deciding on a look first.  I have a great record of nailing it the first time, then comes the adjustments as you, the client, tweaks and adds things to taste.  If you have a look picked out that’s great, if not give me the remote and I’ll give you a show!

Branding & Logo

Logos are something I take care of as well, sometimes my client will change up the logo to match up the new redesigned website. If you have an established Logo and want to hold on dearly to it, I will adjust the look of the website to compliment your logo.

Content Strategy

I will teach you basic SEO with plugin assistance to guide you to a perfect strategy for your content.  How you say it and the keywords it contains can steer how you promote it.

Website Development

Website development refers to the process of building and coding a website from the ground up. It involves translating the design and concept into functional web pages using programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Website development encompasses both front-end development, which focuses on user interface and visual elements, and back-end development, which involves creating the server-side functionality that powers the website’s interactions and data processing.

The goal of website development is to bring the design to life, create a seamless user experience, and ensure the site’s functionality, responsiveness, and performance across various devices and browsers.

Built From Scratch

Don’t have a website?  Only a dream?  I will make that dream come alive and make sure I exceed what you had envisioned   Once you see the foundation, it will inspire you further to help me take your vision to the next level.

Choose a Premade Template

You have been doing your homework and you have already picked out a template you want, but it’s not Divi.  That’s perfectly fine, I can build and customize any template to taste.

Maintenance & Updates

Many of my customers who choose to not get hands on can call me when they need content updates.  I can be your on-call webmaster or I can take care of your basic maintenance if desired.

Staff forgets my name?


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a sample from My Blogs:

Toy Collector, Cryprozoology, Paranormal & the Macabre 

Ray Harryhausen

Ray Harryhausen

Raymond Frederick Harryhausen was an American artist, designer, visual effects creator, writer and producer who created a form of stop motion model animation known as "Dynamation"The 7th Voyage of Sinbad (1958) Key Animation: Cyclops, Serpent Woman, Roc Hatchling,...

Haunted Belleview Biltmore Hotel

Haunted Belleview Biltmore Hotel

Clearwater Ghost Hunter is a website I created after an experience I personally had at the Belleview Biltmore Hotel.  It was intended to be an archive of what this White Queen of the Gulf had looked like for fear it was going to be torn down.  The scouts from...

Mego Super Heroes

Mego Super Heroes

When I was a kid, 10 years old to be exact, I was in a pretty nasty accident that included me on a bike and a Ford Bronco.  The Ford Bronco won.  While laid up in a hospital bed for an extended period of time, I was given a set of Mego Super Heroes from my parents and...

Creature Feature – Jersey Devil

Creature Feature – Jersey Devil

A missing Pterodactyl, a horse faced bat or just another camp fire story that grown ups continue to believe? The Jersey Devil is next up on Creature Feature.. The Jersey Devil is a legendary creature or cryptid said to inhabit the Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey,...

Creature Feature – Bigfoot

Creature Feature – Bigfoot

There are television shows dedicated to finding him, people around the world that identify him by various names:  Big Foot, Sasquatch, Yeti and Yowie, and there are many websites that are dedicated to proving he is real.   Have you all lost your mind?  This is the...

Evel Knievel Toys

Evel Knievel Toys

Evel Knievel was a hero to me as a kid.  Who wouldn't admire a guy who drinks heavily, jumps a Harley Davidson Bike and beats people up with a baseball bat? That behavior...

Six Million Dollar Man

Six Million Dollar Man

The Steve Austin Six Million Dollar Man action figure has got to be one of my favorite toys I ever received as a kid for Christmas. I actually watched every episode of the Six Million Dollar Man recently.  Talk about old school swag, Steve Austin had it.  In every...

Creature Feature – Loch Ness Monster

Creature Feature – Loch Ness Monster

 The Loch Ness monster first achieved notoriety in 1933 after a story was published in "The Inverness Courier," a local newspaper, describing not a monstrous head or hump but instead a splashing in the water that was described as appearing to be caused "by two ducks...

GODZILLA – Shogun Warriors

GODZILLA – Shogun Warriors

The only character that deserves a title in all caps!  Everyone has seen a Godzilla movie; it was awesome as a kid and campy fun now.  My daughter and I still love to watch them. Here is the SciFiNow's Top 10 Best Godzilla Films.  You probably reread that, yes, my...



Artistic commentary on an abusive relationship. The man feels incomplete without her and stalks her, but the woman is complete by herself. Harvey tries to force her to be a part of him, she eventually gets away from him, but is left visibly scarred, and he goes back...

The Ouija Board

The Ouija Board

The Ouija Board is a funny topic because I'm not sure if I should put it in with the Paranormal, Horror or Toy section.  My choice is the Toy Section.  Why?  Please people this is no more of a paranormal item than "Shoots and Ladders" also owned by Hasbro.    So many...

Ed Gein – Part 1

Ed Gein – Part 1

The Butcher of Plainfield, Ed Gein has launched an industry of American horror movies.  You may or may not be familiar with the name Ed Gein, but you probably have heard of Alfred Hitchcock's black and white thriller Psycho or maybe as a teenager, watching the drive...