Tim Huck

The only character that deserves a title in all caps!  Everyone has seen a Godzilla movie; it was awesome as a kid and campy fun now.  My daughter and I still love to watch them. Here is the SciFiNow’s Top 10 Best Godzilla Films.  You probably reread that, yes, my daughter loves it too.  I thought it was only a guy thing but after I gave her a few VHS tapes of Godzilla, she got into it!  If you don’t know what VHS is, you are too young so go take a nap and let the big people talk.

I never figured out why they never made the current Godzilla movies with a Blue Oyster Cult soundtrack?

When it comes to Godzilla Toys, my pick for best one is Mattel’s Shogun Godzilla. It was the shortest of the Shogun Warriors, a line of transformer style toys, and they have a huge cult following here in the US. Here is the commercial for Shogun Godzilla:

Now a star goes on the forehead of This Guy who did his homework on Shogun Godzilla!

I just can’t leave you hanging without giving you what you want to hear: