Tim Huck


Bobble Sniper is a website for Bobble Head enthusiast to learn buy and sell bobbleheads.

This is his mission:

I’m just a red blooded dude that’s been collecting bobbleheads for years. I went to a Red Sox game over 14 years ago and picked up a Nomar Garciaparra Bobblehead and was hooked ever since. My collection has grown to over 10,000 bobbleheads which all live in my “Bobble Cave”. People ask me all the time, “How long has it taken you to obtain a collection so big?” It’s taken me a long, long time, but patience is key.

Collecting bobbles can turn into an addiction fast. Once you collect a few, it just grows and grows and grows. I’ve been to so many games to receive a giveaway, retail stores, eBay, Craigslist, flea markets, tag sales on the side of the fucking road, you name it. It doesn’t happen over night. It’s taken me roughly a decade to get where I’m at and it’s still growing! Along the way I’ve encountered amazing stories for each and every one of my bobbles and meeting different collectors always makes it memorable.

I have a eBay store in which I hate. eBay sucks ass. Their fees and regulations take up to much of my time and they pose a major thorn directly in my ass.  If you like any bobble I have listed or one that you’re looking for, shoot me an email and we’ll work something out.

My goal is to provide value to all Snipers. Through social media outlets including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Vlogs on Youtube, I’m here to bring awareness and VALUE to all of you. My mission is to help build your collection and motivate you through hard work. Anyone that has been in the bobblehead game knows the spike in volume it has taken the past 15 years. Companies and sporting teams in all areas are mass producing bobbleheads to give away to fans. The problem is, not everyone lives close to California, New York or Florida, in order to obtain a specific bobble. I am here to help YOU add to your growing collection!

Send me an email and let me help YOU. Follow the journey with me as Bobblesniper will only grow to BIGGER opportunities for us!

Send pictures of your collection to [email protected] so I can post them in the “gallery” section to show off YOUR collection, not just mine.