Tim Huck

Bulletman came to the rescue when a river overflowed and threatened to flood a town. He smashed through a mountain to remove a piece which he used to block the river. All this was observed by G.I. Joe and Mike Power who suggested that he should join the Adventure Team and Bulletman agreed.

What can I say, Steve Austin was putting a dent in the G.I. Joe sales and they needed an answer?  At that same time Mego was kicking out an 8-inch super hero action set including Superman, Batman and Robin, Spiderman as well as a whole line of action figures.  G.I. Joe needed to get rid of the military reference and so they renamed the Joes “Action Team”.

The Action Team brought us new Joes such as: Mike Power – The Atomic Man, BulletMan – The Human Bullet and Eagle Eye commander.  Eagle Eye had a lever in the back of his head so you could move his eyes.

And this was their commercial to introduce them to the marketplace:

Catchy jingle huh?  I bet it is running through your head right now.

BulletMan was a running joke back in the day, I mean really, he looks like a vibrator!  Now he commands top dollar for a good one.  They even have BulletMan races at Disney.  No Joke!  People show up with their BulletMan and send them down a string to see who will win.

I had to have one.  So now I pay the price, and with him I also purchased the rest of the “Action Team” and proudly put them on display next to the guy who they always tried to be, The Six Million Dollar Man action figure – Steve Austin.  I mean really guys; the Action Team was rolling in the dirt with “miniature wrestler aliens” called the Intruders and battling snakes while Steve was nailing every skirt in town on his show.  He even has the Bionic Woman and Fembot as an action figure.  Who does the Action Team have?  Looks like they were the “No Action Team”.

Overall, they won the war as G.I. Joe lives on and the Bionic Man has fallen out of grace after a horrible “Biff Pang Pow” creation that has no resemblance of him at all and you can’t sell those figures if you offer a free Rolex watch in the bundling.  I won’t even show you a picture of this figure, some things in life are better unseen.

If you are a comic head and are thinking; “What about Bullet Girl” Sorry, BulletMan was unlicensed for the G.I. Joe line so she doesn’t count.

The Star on the forehead for best overall look at the G.I. Joe Adventure team goes to: plaidstallions.com

The Gold Star for taking it to a new level of “You need to get outside more” goes to: bulletman.org