Custom Mego Boxes and Blister Cards created for your loose figures!

Looking for custom Mego Boxes and Blister Cards for that action figure that is loose but a real gem in need of a box or blister card?  Look no further, I have the perfect guy for the job, Mike Rogers based out of New York.

Mike Rogers can create more than just Mego boxes and cards, he can create boxes for Kenner’s 13 inch, Mattel and any vintage action figure.

Below is some examples of his work.

He has done amazing work for many people across the US and is the only one I would recommend to see for custom boxes and blister cards for your Mego, JLN, Kenner, and Mattel action figures.  He is currently working on a few projects for me including “The Six Million Dollar Man“, “Maskatron“, “Emergency 51” and will also be creating other blister cards for the Super Hero figures from Mego.

If you see the Ed Gein Murderabilia page you will see an “Odd” request from me to do a ghoulish box for the Butcher of Plainfield: Ed Gein!  I lost track of all the amazing design work he has done.  Nothing will stump his imagination and for the price you better get in line!

His rates are so reasonable, when I tell my friends about the cost, the wonder how this guy makes money?  He loves his work and takes pride in what he does and it shows.  Know this:  This article is an unsolicited review and I am not getting paid here.  I just had to pay homage to the amazing work this guy has done for me.  He is worth every cent and more and I will continue to invest in my figures with Mike’s work.

Besides, who else can I have a conversion about Johnny Gage and Roy DeSoto from Emergency!  TV show at 4am in the morning?  (Please don’t do that to him like I do though)  That just happens to be the current blister cards he is creating for me along with a “Mr X” 13 inch Kenner Box.  Remember Maskatron?  In the series The Six Million Dollar Man he was known as Mr. X, so I am taking him back to his roots using his real name.  I also had Mike create a custom Steve Austin 8 inch box utilizing the old logo and theme.    Let your imagination fly with him and make it rain money his way and watch your collection shine above all your geek friends!

You can contact “Mego Mike” aka Mike Rogers via email:  [email protected]

Check out his facebook here: Mike Rogers