Tim Huck

Hey Everybody!  I’m on the radio!

Who can resist to hear their voice on the radio?

Hey good looking!! We’ll be back to pick you up later.. Hours she waited, but Mr. Microphone never returned.

Professional entertainers use Mr. Microphone!  I did wind up on radio later in life as a disc jockey, sorry Ronco, I never used it professionally.  I preferred a nice Shure model.

Mr. Microphone was great for the person holding the mic and pure torture for anyone within listening distance.  TESTING TESTING TESTING – HEY HEY – CHECK CHECK!!

The guy who hocked this plastic microphone with the orange sponge wind shield also pitched the famous Ginsu Knives (most likely to stab the person on a Mr. Microphone).

They sold like crazy and believe it or not, Mr. Microphone was actually was the founder of Karaoke.  We all need a Ginsu to slit our wrists while listening to drunkards butcher Don’t Stop Believing in bars across America.  It makes you want to rush the stage and say;  After The Fall…

karaoke attack

Who’s Crying Now?


Have you ever broadcast your voice on one of these?  Better yet, have you ever sung Karaoke and thought you were in tune?  If you have, congratulations!  You have been made fun of behind your back.

See how hip you look with one?