Tim Huck

You are probably expecting an article about lawyers or nightclub promoters, but this is a story about “gross out toys” from the 70’s and in particular: Mattel’s Trash Can of Slime.

Produced in 1976, with a trademark green trash can, Mattel’s Slime was the rage in gross out.  What kid hasn’t made fake snot come out of his nose with this stuff at least once in the 70’s?

Cold and clamming and wet to the touch (again we are not talking about nightclub promoters) this green snot like substance would slowly pour out of the can up to a certain point, then it would plop itself on the table.  Slime would look as though you needed a Bounty paper towel to clean it up, but it actually would hold together and keep the surface dry when you picked it up.  It would ooze between your fingers.



Your Honor, my client is innocent!

If you slapped the pile of green goo, it would jiggle like Kate Upton running on the beach!

The 70’s were really big on slime and without it, would we have the “Ghostbusters” franchise?  What about “Nickelodeon“?  Without Nickelodeon, there would be no Sponge Bob!  It would be anarchy and chaos on the streets!  Who knows what else in the world would have changed if Mattel didn’t put this green ooze in a can?

You can’t find the original Slime anymore, and I’m quite certain that all the originals have dried up into a rock (much like the Cool Whip way back in my refrigerator).

Speaking of Cool Whip, I’m sure Topp’s Wacky Packages made a “gross out sticker” parody of them.

Remember Wacky Packages stickers?

wacky packages

Are you still with me?

There are many headboards and notebooks covered with these in the 70’s and trash cans filled with the lame dried up gum that came with it.  No one wanted the gum Topps!  All we did was dust off the gum powder from our sticker treasures!  They were sneaky too, they would include duplicates so you were forced to trade with your brother.  Believe it or not, there are many people who buy, trade and sell these stickers now.  That’s all this world needs is another Wacky cult.

A Gold Star on the forehead for the best homework on Slime goes to: Retro Land

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