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Ray Harryhausen

Ray Harryhausen

Raymond Frederick Harryhausen was an American artist, designer, visual effects creator, writer and producer who created a form of stop motion model animation known as “Dynamation”

The 7th Voyage of Sinbad (1958)

Key Animation: Cyclops, Serpent Woman, Roc Hatchling, Roc, Skeleton, Dragon

Our final two entries are the two for which Ray Harryhausen is, probably, best remembered. That’s not to discount any of the other films on this list; these two are simply regarded as his most memorable. In Harryhausen’s first Sinbad adventure, “The 7th Voyage of Sinbad,” Kerwin Matthews sets sail as the sword-wielding hero. A mysterious magician named Sokurah (character actor Torin Thatcher) places a spell on Sinbad’s bride to be (the stunning Kathryn Grant), one that can only be broken by returning the sorcerer to his castle on the Isle of the Cyclops.

Sinbad and his crew, with the help from a boyish genie, face-off against some of Ray’s most iconic creations: the Roc, a massive, two-headed bird; a reanimated skeleton, a fire-breathing dragon; and one of Harryhausen’s greatest: the man-eating Cyclops. Elevated by an incredible score from Bernard Herrmann (the first of four collaborations), “The 7th Voyage of Sinbad” is a fantastic fantasy adventure with great re-watch value. Ray’s seventh film is a must watch for his impressive skeleton sword fight choreography and the battle between the Cyclops and the dragon. Fun fact: this is the first film that Harryhausen used his coined term Dynamation to describe his process.


1. Jason and the Argonauts (1963)

Key Animation: Talos, Harpies, Hydra, Skeletons

Ray Harryhausen opens his Greek epic sandbox with “Jason and the Argonauts,” his eleventh and, arguably, most thrilling motion picture. In this adventure, we follow Jason and his team of intrepid mercenaries on a treacherous quest to find the legendary Golden Fleece. Of course they are forced to face many challenges. Ray reaches the pinnacle of his skills, here, to create some truly awe-inspiring visuals accompanied by an equally exhilarating soundtrack from Bernard Herrmann. This is their final collaboration.

The giant, metallic Talos, whose scale matches that of previous Harryhausen giants like the Cyclops, Ymir, and the Rhedosaur, proves a worthy adversary. Its movements lay the groundwork for the Minoton, the Figurehead, and Kali. The flying harpies must be related to the Homonicus from “The Golden Voyage of Sinbad” and their attack on our heroes is more impressive than Hitchcock’s “The Birds,” released that same year. The terrifying Hydra guards the Golden Fleece with its venomous, multiplying heads. Animating such a multitude of elements is no simple task but one Ray truly excels at in this film, with the Kali in “Golden Voyage” and Medusa’s head in “Clash of the Titans.” The teeth of the mighty Hydra spawn an army of skeletons. Somehow, Ray manages to improve on the choreography he created with one skeleton in “The 7th Voyage of Sinbad.” A must see.

Skeleton fight Ray Harryhausen
Native Energy and Technology designed by Tim Huck

Native Energy and Technology designed by Tim Huck


Native Energy and Technology is a firm in San Antonio, Texas that I design and webmaster for.

Founded in 1998, Native Energy & Technology, Inc. has extensive experience in providing a variety of services to Federal Government Agencies. Native Energy’s dedication to excellence is reflected in the experience and accomplishments of their management and technical staff. We believe the key to maintaining superior standards is supplying the most qualified personnel at all levels of skill and knowledge. This philosophy has guided our ability to demonstrate our expertise in providing the best global facilities support.

Native Energy has demonstrated a commitment to quality service by providing more than 10 continuous years of program management and technical support to numerous government agencies in more than 30 states and Puerto Rico. Currently, we support many defense department schools at multiple locations in the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Bahrain, Japan, and South Korea. Our experience spans throughout hundreds of project locations in 6 foreign countries and all over the United States, including the District of Columbia, Alaska, and Hawaii.

Our Program and Project Managers monitor all client-to-personnel actions, ensuring all requirements are completed within the specified performance period and to the required standards. By developing a large network of professional and technical personnel, we have honed our ability to expediently and cost-effectively respond to our clients’ requirements.

At Native Energy & Technology, Inc., all contracts are essential, all clients are invaluable, and all personnel are exceptional.

Native Power Systems designed by Tim Huck

Native Power Systems designed by Tim Huck


Native Power Systems is a website I developed and webmaster for this firm in San Antonio, Texas.

Native Power System’s focal point is to provide accurate, durable, and efficient electrical and power services.  Inspection may include evaluating or adjusting belts, engine oil and coolant, and offering solutions for faulty wiring to battery assessments, pumps and lines for possible leaks or damage, and proper frequency and speed voltage.

These are only a few of the many inspections we implement.  From project start to finish, efficiency is imperative to us and illustrates our promise to provide clients with exceptional power and electrical services at a reasonable cost.

Native Security Services designed by Tim Huck

Native Security Services designed by Tim Huck


Webmaster Tim creates a new look for Native Security Services they are now enjoying their new website that was launched today. Based in Texas with locations throughout the US, They serve a wide array of security needs as well as Video Walls. Check them out, because chances are, they are already checking you out.

Haunted Belleview Biltmore Hotel

Haunted Belleview Biltmore Hotel

Clearwater Ghost Hunter is a website I created after an experience I personally had at the Belleview Biltmore Hotel.  It was intended to be an archive of what this White Queen of the Gulf had looked like for fear it was going to be torn down.  The scouts from A&E/Bio seen the website and contacted me to audition for “My Ghost Story“.  I was reluctant, but after a bit of back and forth with Faith Look, I decided to give it a shot.  To be honest, I thought it was just going to end the conversation.  However, the phone rang and we found ourselves in Los Angeles filming an episode for the series.

I have been back there a few times and currently I have been invited to make one more trip there to investigate this historic hotel.  This website is a good read and there are many people who have contributed their own stories about the Belleview Biltmore as well.  Emails to this day continue to pour in.

I have an entire website dedicated to this topic, so why go too deep into here?

Turn the lights down low and check out the website that explores it fully and has shared experiences with viewers:  Clearwater Ghost Hunter

If you like what you see, like our facebook page for the website: Clearwater Ghost Hunter Facebook Page

Mego Super Heroes

Mego Super Heroes

When I was a kid, 10 years old to be exact, I was in a pretty nasty accident that included me on a bike and a Ford Bronco.  The Ford Bronco won.  While laid up in a hospital bed for an extended period of time, I was given a set of Mego Super Heroes from my parents and I was thrilled!  The selection was astounding as Mego had you hooked to buy more and more.


Superman, Spiderman as well as Batman and Robin were perfect for entertaining oneself when you can’t get out of bed.  They were great!  Although, even as a kid I never liked the gloves they put on Batman and Robin. (I mean really, they looked like mittens and hindered using their hands for anything) Did I mention the selection?

What costs a few bucks back in the 70’s now can put you back 65 dollars or more for these action figures mint in the box.  For remembrance of that awful time in the hospital and the joy these figures brought me, I have added Superman, Spiderman, Batman and Robin to my personal collection.

Mego also put out figures for Tv Shows as well.  I had “Planet of the Apes” figures that my neighbor and I would play with.  One could purchase Sonny and Cher, Happy Days with the Fonz as well as other celebs like Farrah Fawcett.   We all remember what Farrah’s poster did to every male adolescence in America…


“Johnny, why is your door locked?”

Creature Feature – Jersey Devil

Creature Feature – Jersey Devil

A missing Pterodactyl, a horse faced bat or just another camp fire story that grown ups continue to believe? The Jersey Devil is next up on Creature Feature..

The Jersey Devil is a legendary creature or cryptid said to inhabit the Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey, United States. The creature is often described as a flying biped with hooves, but there are many different variations. The most common description is that of a kangaroo-like creature with the head of a goat, leathery bat-like wings, horns, small arms with clawed hands, cloven hooves and a forked tail. It has been reported to move quickly and often is described as emitting a blood-curdling scream.

Let’s have a police lineup of scream queens to try and identify exactly how the Jersey Devil Scream sounds like shall we?

How many jokes can we make with that performance?  (I pick the second from the top as the winner) Some sound like they are enjoying a nice O…


Here is a picture of the Jersey Devil in the wild attempting to reproduce

Alright, I know you came here to see actual videos and pictures of the Jersey Devil but the problem is THERE ISN’T ANY!  However, we do have this lovely drawing …



Cryptozoology  is a pseudoscience involving the search for animals whose existence has not been proven. This includes looking for living examples of animals that are considered extinct, such as dinosaurs; animals whose existence lacks physical evidence but which appear in myths, legends, or are reported, such as Bigfoot and Chupacabra.

Otherwise known as crackpots, nut jobs and snake oil salesmen that use these fantasy creatures to make money from the masses of idiots who believe in them. Kinda like the Long Island Medium?


ahh, you didn’t see that one coming did you?

The look on her face is when she actually seen the Jersey Devil in the wild and what it was doing…

It’s not real people!  But to entertain the brain dead here is the real story of the Jersey Devil, it was just a woman with the last name of Leeds, who had her 13th baby and said “Let it be the Devil” as she was sick of the pain of childbirth.  What did she give birth to?  See the video for more explanation….

Creature Feature – Bigfoot

Creature Feature – Bigfoot

There are television shows dedicated to finding him, people around the world that identify him by various names:  Big Foot, Sasquatch, Yeti and Yowie, and there are many websites that are dedicated to proving he is real.   Have you all lost your mind?  This is the Patterson-Gimlin film that started the media explosion:

This is the only verified photo of Big Foot that is real:

bigfoot truck

With all the DNA technology we have at our disposal today, it would be a cinch to identify this creature if it had existed.  No bones?  Logic people!   If Big Foot existed, there would be trace evidence as every other creature on the planet has.  Oh sure, we discover new bugs every year and fish that has yet to be discovered, but a giant ape wandering around in forests that have routine aerial photographs and explorers?

Maybe the Six Million Dollar man had it right?  Big Foot was a bionic monster created by aliens:

Could it have been Chuck Norris in his early years of Kung Fu film making shooting a scene for a movie?

I can hear the Big Foot believers now: “The one in the original picture was a female not a male, stupid!”  Yes, they would call me stupid…

Ahh, in that case, she must be from France or maybe an Italian girl from the Bronx?

I tried to force myself to watch the TV shows on Big Foot hunters and just couldn’t get to the end without switching it over to the Big Bang Theory.  All I have seen in those shows were people zipping through the woods in their ATV’s and saying how believable witnesses are and what experts they all are.   “The monster came up to my house and scared my dog, then stole the pie we had on the window sill.”  The pie was actually missing and we did see these tracks that ended in the woods.  Must be true!

hairpie-sank you

Want to hear some Big Foot Sounds?  Here is the place!   Aweooooooooooooooo!  *cough cough*

There hasn’t been any physical evidence ever found.  No feces that Forrest Rangers would have certainly found by now.

Look!  There is Big Foot now, a green one from the sea and a brown one from the mountains!


Oh wait, those are just Gargantuas from Japan at war with each other.

No hair samples?  My dog sheds all the time and if I don’t keep my floors swept and swiffered, it would appear as though I had a Planet of the Apes rug on my floor.  Big Foot never sheds (evidently not even in the hottest summer where a fart can make Smokey the Bear sweat for fear of a fire).

bigfoot hide and seek

Now if anyone has photos, they would like to share of Big Foot that they have taken, please email me and I will post them here for all to enjoy.

Evel Knievel Toys

Evel Knievel Toys

      Evel Knievel

Evel Knievel was a hero to me as a kid.  Who wouldn’t admire a guy who drinks heavily, jumps a Harley Davidson Bike and beats people up with a baseball bat?

That behavior actually killed his line of toys with “IDEAL” and that was a sad day.  The Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle was certainly in about every guy’s top ten best gifts as a kid.  They milked it toward the end with Daring Debbie and Robbie and the bikes kept getting lamer and lamer, but the original up to the 4th series was awesome!

The Evel One is no longer with us but his memory lives on: EvelKnievel.com

Six Million Dollar Man

Six Million Dollar Man

The Steve Austin Six Million Dollar Man action figure has got to be one of my favorite toys I ever received as a kid for Christmas. I actually watched every episode of the Six Million Dollar Man recently.  Talk about old school swag, Steve Austin had it.  In every episode Steve got the lady much like James Bond. Arnold Schwarzenegger said to Lee Majors; “You were the first Terminator”.  He was right!  Every kid on the block wanted the Six Million Dollar Man action figure and it sold big time.

G.I. Joe sales were in the dumpster due to the hippie generation and the unpopularity of the Vietnam War and they had to come up with a new direction.  GI Joe’s answer to the Six Million Dollar Man action figure was “Mike Power – the Atomic Man” and “Bulletman” (both will be covered in another section of Toys).  

Do you remember this commercial from 1975?

bionic arm
      Bionic Arm
      Bionic Eye
bionic arm

However, Mike Power – The Atomic Man was like owning a Camaro and Steve Austin was like owning a Corvette.  No comparison in pure awesomeness.  In fact, calling Mike Power the Camaro is being generous, he was more like owning a Gremlin.  Remember those?

1972 Yellow Blue Jean Gremlin

Now I am not hating on the AMC Gremlin.  My parents actually owned two of these (his and hers).  If I remember correctly, one was yellow with black interior and the other was white with a blue jean interior (which was my favorite because it actually had a Levi tag on the seat).

Levi was the standard in 70’s attire along with growing a Marlboro mustache to go with it, and everyone was singing the Levi jingle that was on TV.

I strayed from the topic a bit there, must have been one of those mushroom flashbacks…

There are many really good websites out there that get into the “nitty gritty” of The Six Million Dollar Man action figure and in lieu of regurgitating that information, I would rather give them credit for their homework.  A star on the forehead goes to:

Toys You Had

Bobble Sniper designed by Tim Huck

Bobble Sniper designed by Tim Huck


Bobble Sniper is a website for Bobble Head enthusiast to learn buy and sell bobbleheads.

This is his mission:

I’m just a red blooded dude that’s been collecting bobbleheads for years. I went to a Red Sox game over 14 years ago and picked up a Nomar Garciaparra Bobblehead and was hooked ever since. My collection has grown to over 10,000 bobbleheads which all live in my “Bobble Cave”. People ask me all the time, “How long has it taken you to obtain a collection so big?” It’s taken me a long, long time, but patience is key.

Collecting bobbles can turn into an addiction fast. Once you collect a few, it just grows and grows and grows. I’ve been to so many games to receive a giveaway, retail stores, eBay, Craigslist, flea markets, tag sales on the side of the fucking road, you name it. It doesn’t happen over night. It’s taken me roughly a decade to get where I’m at and it’s still growing! Along the way I’ve encountered amazing stories for each and every one of my bobbles and meeting different collectors always makes it memorable.

I have a eBay store in which I hate. eBay sucks ass. Their fees and regulations take up to much of my time and they pose a major thorn directly in my ass.  If you like any bobble I have listed or one that you’re looking for, shoot me an email and we’ll work something out.

My goal is to provide value to all Snipers. Through social media outlets including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Vlogs on Youtube, I’m here to bring awareness and VALUE to all of you. My mission is to help build your collection and motivate you through hard work. Anyone that has been in the bobblehead game knows the spike in volume it has taken the past 15 years. Companies and sporting teams in all areas are mass producing bobbleheads to give away to fans. The problem is, not everyone lives close to California, New York or Florida, in order to obtain a specific bobble. I am here to help YOU add to your growing collection!

Send me an email and let me help YOU. Follow the journey with me as Bobblesniper will only grow to BIGGER opportunities for us!

Send pictures of your collection to [email protected] so I can post them in the “gallery” section to show off YOUR collection, not just mine.

Creature Feature – Loch Ness Monster

Creature Feature – Loch Ness Monster

 The Loch Ness monster first achieved notoriety in 1933 after a story was published in “The Inverness Courier,” a local newspaper, describing not a monstrous head or hump but instead a splashing in the water that was described as appearing to be caused “by two ducks fighting.”

Some suggested a more monstrous explanation; however, it wasn’t until the following year that Nessie went viral with the publication of a famous photograph showing a serpentine head and neck. That image above, taken by a London surgeon named Kenneth Wilson, was touted for decades as the best evidence for Nessie — until it was admitted as a hoax decades later!


I guess most people didn’t see that part, thus we continue to get in reports of Nessie sightings.  That this same thing happened with the Big Foot legend, where it was admitted by the person who started it all as a hoax.  He said he walked around with cement feet and to this very day there are people around the world who still don’t realize the original story was bogus.

Scotland is known for drinking, there just might be a few drunk people telling these stories.  (We just leave out the pink elephant stories because those are stupid)


I thought that is why we have the internet?  Then again, the internet is a place where you can spread facts or spread bullshit.  Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster is Bullshit.

It isn’t Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster that people are seeing it’s…

Oh No!  It’s GODZILLA!

 …lurking for millions of years, encased in a block of ice, evil incarnate, waiting to be melted down and to rise again.



Nessie, the legend of Loch Ness is one of those sea creatures that continues to live on despite all common sense and logic.  What is it that people are seeing?  When did this “legend” begin and why does it continue?  This is the picture that started it all…


Top 5 Reasons why Loch Ness Monster is Bullshit

  1. Nessie would have to reproduce and there would have to be a school of them
  2. One example of this serpent would have been caught by an enterprising fisherman by now
  3. There would be detailed YouTube videos and highly detailed photos of such a creature by now (we do have good cameras)
  4. The government would have one in a tank at area 51 (a bit of levity is allowed for a list like this)
  5. In 2003, a team of researchers sponsored by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) undertook the largest and most comprehensive search of Loch Ness ever conducted. They scoured the lake using 600 separate sonar beams and satellite navigation. One of the lead searchers, Ian Florence, was quoted in a BBC news release: “We went from shoreline to shoreline, top to bottom on this one, we have covered everything in this loch, and we saw no signs of any large animal living in the loch.”

We don’t have Japan to help us battle the monster with the toy tanks, high tech blue lazer cannons and wobby aircraft.

Who do we get to battle the monster in the Scottish Highlands?

There is only one man for the job and that man is….

Rowdy Roddy Piper!

Rowdy Roddy Piper

“I have come here to chew gum and kick ass,

and I’m all out of bubblegum.”

Photography by GMc designed by Tim Huck

Photography by GMc designed by Tim Huck


Greg McCall has been photographing weddings since 1979 right here in Tampa Bay area and has photographed thousands of couples in every possible setting imaginable, whether at one of Tampa Bay’s many upscale Golf and Country Clubs or at one of our beautiful water front venues such as Rusty Pelican, Hunter’s Green, Safety Harbor Spa, Clearwater Hilton or the Sheraton Sand Key. 


GODZILLA – Shogun Warriors

GODZILLA – Shogun Warriors

The only character that deserves a title in all caps!  Everyone has seen a Godzilla movie; it was awesome as a kid and campy fun now.  My daughter and I still love to watch them. Here is the SciFiNow’s Top 10 Best Godzilla Films.  You probably reread that, yes, my daughter loves it too.  I thought it was only a guy thing but after I gave her a few VHS tapes of Godzilla, she got into it!  If you don’t know what VHS is, you are too young so go take a nap and let the big people talk.

I never figured out why they never made the current Godzilla movies with a Blue Oyster Cult soundtrack?

When it comes to Godzilla Toys, my pick for best one is Mattel’s Shogun Godzilla. It was the shortest of the Shogun Warriors, a line of transformer style toys, and they have a huge cult following here in the US. Here is the commercial for Shogun Godzilla:

Now a star goes on the forehead of This Guy who did his homework on Shogun Godzilla!

I just can’t leave you hanging without giving you what you want to hear:
Clearwater Ghost Hunter designed by Tim Huck

Clearwater Ghost Hunter designed by Tim Huck


Faith Look and I (Tim Huck) were on A&E’s My Ghost Story – Caught on Camera a few years ago and this website archives our experiences at the Haunted Belleview Biltmore Hotel. It is at this website you can see one of the largest collection of photos of the now demolished hotel located in Belleair, Fl. You can also read up on other readers ghost story after their visit at the historic hotel. This website is also my creation and has recently been updated.

Webmaster Services

Webmaster Services


I design websites for many people with many different needs.

I am accepting new client, so email me if you need a website upgraded or built from the ground up.

To see a portfolio of my work see the Webmaster category.

Custom Mego Boxes and Blister Cards

Custom Mego Boxes and Blister Cards

Custom Mego Boxes and Blister Cards created for your loose figures!

Looking for custom Mego Boxes and Blister Cards for that action figure that is loose but a real gem in need of a box or blister card?  Look no further, I have the perfect guy for the job, Mike Rogers based out of New York.

Mike Rogers can create more than just Mego boxes and cards, he can create boxes for Kenner’s 13 inch, Mattel and any vintage action figure.

Below is some examples of his work.

He has done amazing work for many people across the US and is the only one I would recommend to see for custom boxes and blister cards for your Mego, JLN, Kenner, and Mattel action figures.  He is currently working on a few projects for me including “The Six Million Dollar Man“, “Maskatron“, “Emergency 51” and will also be creating other blister cards for the Super Hero figures from Mego.

If you see the Ed Gein Murderabilia page you will see an “Odd” request from me to do a ghoulish box for the Butcher of Plainfield: Ed Gein!  I lost track of all the amazing design work he has done.  Nothing will stump his imagination and for the price you better get in line!

His rates are so reasonable, when I tell my friends about the cost, the wonder how this guy makes money?  He loves his work and takes pride in what he does and it shows.  Know this:  This article is an unsolicited review and I am not getting paid here.  I just had to pay homage to the amazing work this guy has done for me.  He is worth every cent and more and I will continue to invest in my figures with Mike’s work.

Besides, who else can I have a conversion about Johnny Gage and Roy DeSoto from Emergency!  TV show at 4am in the morning?  (Please don’t do that to him like I do though)  That just happens to be the current blister cards he is creating for me along with a “Mr X” 13 inch Kenner Box.  Remember Maskatron?  In the series The Six Million Dollar Man he was known as Mr. X, so I am taking him back to his roots using his real name.  I also had Mike create a custom Steve Austin 8 inch box utilizing the old logo and theme.    Let your imagination fly with him and make it rain money his way and watch your collection shine above all your geek friends!

You can contact “Mego Mike” aka Mike Rogers via email:  [email protected]

Check out his facebook here: Mike Rogers


Entertainment Earth throws Bif Bang Pow under the bus!

Entertainment Earth throws Bif Bang Pow under the bus!

Want a Bif Bang Pow Steve Austin?   You must buy Bigfoot!

Bif Bang Pow creators of a recent Six Million Dollar Man line of 8-inch Mego Style action figures have a policy of selling you figures in “pairs” says Edward Haller, Department Manager of Client Services from EntertainmentEarth.com.   This policy does not allow anyone to buy just the figures they want, which are packaged separately.

Edward says: “The manufacturer of the SMDM product line delivers these figures to us in the assortments you see.  It is there intention that Steve Austin be paired with Bigfoot, and that Oscar Goldman is paired with the Fembot.  Each 2 piece assortment is considered to be 1 individual item, so we cannot simply take 1 part of each assortment and make the pieces into a new assortment.  Entertainment Earth always sells the merchandise as it is delivered to us by the manufacturer.  We do not create the assortments ourselves, or break them up unless asked to do so by the manufacturer.”

Yes, Edward said “there intention” and not “their intention”, but isn’t that corporate America?  Let’s hope it was a spell check gone bad.

Big Foot

All I wanted to do is purchase “Steve Austin” and “Oscar Goldman” only, as I am going to meet Lee Majors and Richard Anderson at a convention in Tampa, FL.

Edward Haller says no go. “Most likely it was the owners of the SMDM TV show license that determined that the action figures should be released in these pairings.  And on our part, we are obligated to sell the merchandise as the manufacturer delivers it to us; whether in assortments or as individual pieces.”‘

I will help him out, the owners Edward is referring to Universal Studio Entertainment.


It Takes Two Baby!

Currently, as EntertainmentEarth.com policy stands, if you wish to have a Steve Austin and Oscar Goldman, you will have to overpay a whopping 100 percent and have figures you don’t want.  What happens if you break one of them?  You have to buy another set. Yes, now you will have 2 Bigfoot figures you don’t want if you have to replace the Steve you wanted.  Keep breaking your Steve Austin and you will have so many Bigfoots you can contact Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot and let them know you have dozens in your house and their search is over.

One Two Three  Four Five…  Five Bigfoots!    AH AH AH AH AH.

Bif Bang Pow did not respond to inquiry about these allegations.

Update:  “This is Entertainment Earth contacting you on behalf of Bif Bang Pow, the manufacturer of the SMDM product line.  Our BBP liaison has contacted us and asked us to offer you the Steve Austin Red Jumpsuit figure along with the Oscar Goldman figures, by themselves.”

Way to go Bif Bang Pow!

BonSueBrandvik.com designed by Tim Huck

BonSueBrandvik.com designed by Tim Huck


Launched today is a new website that combined BonsueBrandvik.com and SpiritsofBelleviewBiltmore.com, the new site is bonniesuebrandvick.com. It’s owner is BonSue Brandvik, a Novelist of Paranormal Romantic Series, children’s books, a speaker and a preservationist. BonSue is passionate about saving the historic Belleview Biltmore Hotel from demolition. Check out the many books and articles including the largest information source on the internet about the history of the Belleview Biltmore. This website would “school” Wikipedia on the subject.



Artistic commentary on an abusive relationship. The man feels incomplete without her and stalks her, but the woman is complete by herself. Harvey tries to force her to be a part of him, she eventually gets away from him, but is left visibly scarred, and he goes back to being only half a person.

Some things just can’t be unseen.  Be Warned….

Roller Skates

Roller Skates

Roller Skates and Disco went hand in hand in the 70’s, it wasn’t just for car hops in the 50’s.  Recently revisited in the movie “Boogie Nights” with Heather Graham as the Roller Girl also starring Burt Reynolds playing Jack Horner, a sleazy porn star director and Mark Wahlberg portraying Eddie Adams aka Dirk Diggler, a porn star, who had a triumphant rise and tragic fall as the advent of video tape changed the movie world (especially the porn industry) completely. Guys eyes popped out of their head with the nudity from Heather Graham and Julianne Moore but the last thing you seen as the movie closed was an enormous member whipped out by Dirk.   I know I am straying off topic a bit, but isn’t that typical of me?

This was Roller Girl’s favorite song:

I can hear the song now back in the days (1980 to be exact) when I would lace up my skates at the roller-skating rink.  I was getting better at roller skating, the big thing for me was the skating backwards deal.  I wasn’t quite ready to do a triple salchow (pronounced sow cow) like Tonya Harding would perform on ice.  I had my days of splitting my head open while Ice Skating, I figured the wood floor would be a softer landing… nope!

In popular culture Roller Skating was seen in the movie Xanadu with Olivia Newton-John, Roller Boogie with Linda Blair and many more movies.  Roller Skates has been around for a long time, in fact it was invented in 1743.  Although back then some of the designs were quite humorous…

Roller skates have evolved like the cell phone now smart phones.  The skates I remember most had thick colorful rubber wheels with bearings.

roller skates

Today, people associate skates with inline skates (all 4 wheels in the middle) and you need to have a Justin Bieber hairdo aka the “skater haircut”.

I love wearing Van’s shoes with the checkerboard design because you just slip them on and it reminds me of Jeff Spicoli from the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High.   My daughter is embarrassed claiming “Only skaters wear them Dad, you’re too old!”  Bah!  Old people hate laces, what is worse is the 2 Velcro strip deal, so the best option is the slip on style.

Strayed again off topic – I think my days of roller skating is over, if anyone was to see me on skates, they would think they were filming Jackass Part 6.  At the very least, a spectator would be recording me on their smartphone and I would wind up on TV again, this time “World’s Dumbest“, where Tonya Harding would be cracking jokes about me.

For me the best memory of Roller skates on TV was “Roller Derby”.  I never figured out what the purpose of the game was, I figured it was like the fake wrestling you see on TV like Hulk Hogan style.  I think even the Fonz from Happy Days had an episode where he was on a Roller Derby team.  But the best was the women’s teams…

I think that Roller Derby Girls should make a comeback and replace the WNBA that nobody watches anyway.

Notice I added a link to the WBNA?  That way, maybe someone would click it and give them their first visitor.

The Ouija Board

The Ouija Board

The Ouija Board is a funny topic because I’m not sure if I should put it in with the Paranormal, Horror or Toy section.  My choice is the Toy Section.  Why?  Please people this is no more of a paranormal item than “Shoots and Ladders” also owned by Hasbro.    So many people including my own family tell me “Don’t get a Ouija Board, it will bring bad spirits!”  They are not alone, many people believe that.  Why?  Because they don’t understand the science behind the game.  This article will reveal the secrets behind the game, but even though I will debunk the reason why it works, people will still claim I am wrong.

First a bit of history.  The Ouija Board was created by Elijah Jefferson Bond, an American inventor and lawyer, in 1890. the Ouija board was regarded as a harmless parlor game unrelated to the occult until American Spiritualist Pearl Curran popularized its use as a divining tool during World War I.  Then patents were bought and sold, it wound up in Parker Brothers hands and eventually sold to Hasbro, who now owns the patents.  If you want to really go deep into this area, see: museumoftalkingboards.com

Ouija Board
Basically the name “Ouija” came from  Charles Kennard in 1850 who formed the Kennard novelty company, with two business partners, which produced these boards, he called it the “Ouija”, he thought this meant good luck in Egypt, but later found out this was not true. It is probably of a combination of the French word oui and the German word ja both meaning “yes”.

What makes the pointer move? An effect similar to that which occurs in dowsing, known as the ideomotor effect. This is a fancy name for involuntary/unconscious movement, such as a dowser’s hand flicking enough to move his stick when he passes over an area, he knows has water.  The basic point is that your muscles can move without your consciously thinking, move to the word YES.  Suggestions can be made to the mind by others or by observations. Those suggestions can influence the mind and affect motor behavior.

What is purely physiological, however, appears to some to be paranormal. In other words, if you believe this stuff and are trying to get the spirits to answer questions proving that they are all-knowing, and you ask a question that you already know the answer to (for example, “What’s my father’s name?”), odds are that your own hands will do the rest by spelling out your answer. That’s where trying it blindfolded comes in (provided you haven’t memorized the board, obviously). If it’s spirits, they should be able to guide your hands no matter whether you can see or not. But if it’s you doing it unconsciously, the blindfold will screw things up.

I can hear the people fuming and getting ready to send me hate mail now.  I know this because the Ouija board told me so…


Ed Gein – Part 1

Ed Gein – Part 1

Ed Gein colorized by Tim HuckThe Butcher of Plainfield, Ed Gein has launched an industry of American horror movies.  You may or may not be familiar with the name Ed Gein, but you probably have heard of Alfred Hitchcock’s black and white thriller Psycho or maybe as a teenager, watching the drive thru movie slaughter fest, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  Both of these movies were loosely based on the true story of Ed Gein and so was Silence of the Lambs and dozens of others.  Many books have been written about Ed including the book that inspired Alfred Hitchcock to script the movie Psycho with the same title written by Robert Bloch in 1959 just 2 years after Ed’s murder victim Bernice Worden was discovered hanging like a gutted deer in his shed.

What makes the story of Ed Gein so unusual is that his story was more horrific than any of the films that were inspired by his ghoulish past.  The people of Plainfield, Wisconsin would like the world to forget but realistically that is just not going to happen.  Even this week a new A&E TV prequel series launches entitled the Bates Motel.

There are many sources of information on Ed Gein on the internet, some are pretty accurate and some just regurgitate the same misinformation stolen from other sources.  This article should clear up the facts, as I have done my research and have gone beyond with my obsession with Ed Gein amassing quite a collection of items along the way.

One of the most asked questions I get is: “What movie is the most accurate on Ed Gein?”  The answer: Ed Gein made in 2000 with the original title of In The Light of the Moon with actor Steve Railsback.

There are a few scenes that are inaccurate such as Mary Hogan dying in his bed tied up.  In reality, she was shot and killed in her tavern and her head was cut off.  I guess film makers wanted to tone down some of the violence.  Steve was most remembered by his portrayal of Charles Manson in the TV movie Helter Skelter.  Personally, I like the movie that Steve Railsback was in called Lifeforce but not necessarily because of his acting more because of Mathilda May walking around stark naked for most of the movie.

Lifeforce Mathilda May


I can include that movie in this article because of the “Kevin Bacon rule“.  Lifeforce was directed by Tobe Hooper who also directed The Texas Chainsaw Massacre that was based on Ed Gein.

Ed Gein’s victims were not quite the eye candy as Mathilda May is, they were women who reminded Ed of his mother.  Mary Hogan was no supermodel and Bernice Worden was in her late 50’s at the time of her death.  There has been speculation that Ed was responsible for the death of a few young girls but I will cover that topic later.

There are many good books on Ed Gein, most people look to “Deviant – The Shocking True Story of ED GEIN, the original Psycho” by Harold Schechter but don’t overlook one of my favorites: “Ed Gein Psycho” by Paul Anthony Woods as it has the most pictures and is a quick read.

One of the best documentaries out there on Ed Gein has interview segments with Harold Schechter created by Biography Channel part of the Serial Killer series entitled: Ed Gein – American Psycho.

Mattel’s Trash Can of Slime

Mattel’s Trash Can of Slime

You are probably expecting an article about lawyers or nightclub promoters, but this is a story about “gross out toys” from the 70’s and in particular: Mattel’s Trash Can of Slime.

Produced in 1976, with a trademark green trash can, Mattel’s Slime was the rage in gross out.  What kid hasn’t made fake snot come out of his nose with this stuff at least once in the 70’s?

Cold and clamming and wet to the touch (again we are not talking about nightclub promoters) this green snot like substance would slowly pour out of the can up to a certain point, then it would plop itself on the table.  Slime would look as though you needed a Bounty paper towel to clean it up, but it actually would hold together and keep the surface dry when you picked it up.  It would ooze between your fingers.



Your Honor, my client is innocent!

If you slapped the pile of green goo, it would jiggle like Kate Upton running on the beach!

The 70’s were really big on slime and without it, would we have the “Ghostbusters” franchise?  What about “Nickelodeon“?  Without Nickelodeon, there would be no Sponge Bob!  It would be anarchy and chaos on the streets!  Who knows what else in the world would have changed if Mattel didn’t put this green ooze in a can?

You can’t find the original Slime anymore, and I’m quite certain that all the originals have dried up into a rock (much like the Cool Whip way back in my refrigerator).

Speaking of Cool Whip, I’m sure Topp’s Wacky Packages made a “gross out sticker” parody of them.

Remember Wacky Packages stickers?

wacky packages

Are you still with me?

There are many headboards and notebooks covered with these in the 70’s and trash cans filled with the lame dried up gum that came with it.  No one wanted the gum Topps!  All we did was dust off the gum powder from our sticker treasures!  They were sneaky too, they would include duplicates so you were forced to trade with your brother.  Believe it or not, there are many people who buy, trade and sell these stickers now.  That’s all this world needs is another Wacky cult.

A Gold Star on the forehead for the best homework on Slime goes to: Retro Land

If you want to wheel and deal in Wacky Packages, I suggest you see these guys first: Topps

Ed Gein – Part 2

Ed Gein – Part 2

Ed Gein’s Childhood

Ed was born in 1906 in La Crosse County near his future horror house that was located in Plainfield, Wisconsin.  As a child little Eddie had a trouble getting along with other children in school because of the fact that he was a shy, distant and odd little boy.  Ed was sharper than most when it came to reading because that is where Eddie escaped from the torments of the world.  His classmates used to tease him calling him a “milk-sop” and poking fun at his droopy eye and odd grimace.  They blew spitballs from a peashooter at his face.  Tears would well up in his eyes as his face crumpled up.  Always too soft for the world, always to gentle – a true mamma’s boy.  He would often abruptly start chuckling during a quiet period in class at a funny thought he had in his head and kept those thoughts to himself not sharing the humor.  Most likely various scenarios of how he would punish those that teased him.


He had only marginal luck dating, his first real girlfriend didn’t share the same views as Eddie did on the love of his mother, so that “sinner” had to go.  Mother was a saint and always number one in his priorities.  So, when he failed at asking a woman out on a date, as he often did at any attempt, he would have to sneak a Detective magazine past mother’s eye to the bedroom and ogle the sexy cover and pictures inside.


In the movie American Psycho starring Christian Bale this describes his Eddie’s thought process…

Here is the first instance, of many you will find in my articles on Ed Gein, where I need to set the facts straight. Eddie never said that, it was actually a quote from Ed Kemper aka “The Co-Ed Killer” from the 70’s. You will often see people associate that quote to Ed Gein thanks to a movie misquote in American Psycho.

Eddie would fumble though an attempt of dating an older woman by asking her to a skating rink.  That seemed to be his pickup line: “I don’t know how to skate neither, maybe we could hold each other up?”  Somehow it never happened the way he envisioned it in his head…

He would fantasize about being the bad guy and outsmarting the police as he had his way with the “no good scarlet”.  Ed died a virgin, although he did take care of the snap in his pocket on occasion.  He was caught in the act by his mother one day.  She said: “Edward… are you didlin’ with yourself again?  “No… No Ma… I’m just reading a fascinatin’ article, an’ ..an’..”  BUSTED.  Mother proceeded to preach to him; “If you have to touch that overripe shrimp, Edward, that is between you and the Lord.” and “The sin of Onan is nothing against the sin of the fornicator and the adulterer.”

Ed was crazy alright but “Wacko”, well maybe a little less around the likes of Ma.

There is speculation that Augusta Gein was pregnant for Henry while out of wedlock and that she had lied as to the date of Henry’s birth on certain documents to cover up what would have been scandalous in her town creating gossip that would taint her reputation as a religious woman.  Census records support such a theory. Is it possible that the skeleton in Mother’s closet triggered her hatred of sex and women.  If Ed’s drunkard father George came home from the pub wanted some sex from Ma, she would say; “If God wanted us to enjoy this filthy act, He would have made it pleasurable.” with that she would lift her dusty old skirt and say; “You have your way, but make it quick, you hear!”

After Ed Gein’s father George died, Ed’s brother Henry started to observe a strange relationship between Ed and his Mother Augusta get even stranger.  Each night Augusta Gein would gather up the boys to preach to them from the Bible about the wickedness of women and while Ed was fully attentive, Henry was becoming more aware that she was being obsessive and he often became bored and detached from her radical views.  Henry was starting to become skeptical and wanted to have his own life with a woman and move away from the captivity and isolation from the world that Augusta had created to control her boys thinking.   One day Henry had observed Ed coming out of his mothers bedroom after she had changed clothes.  Could there have been incestual relations between the two?  Henry asked Ed, what he was doing in there?  Ed muttered “Nuthin”

Ed Gein – Part 3

Ed Gein – Part 3

Ed’s first murder victim is rumored to be his only brother Henry.  After Henry fell away from Mother’s control of preaching and ranting about the evils of women, he became more and more verbal to Ed about how he was a momma’s boy and worse yet how momma was wrong about words of the Lord.

Ed ran to his house to fetch his brother and tell him about a wild fire that needed to be put under control so it doesn’t burn down the farm

Henry and Ed went into the brush fire area and Ed reports he couldn’t take the smoke anymore and left his brother to fend for himself.  He then went into town to get the sheriff and round up some men to search for Henry.  While they went through the woods, the sheriff asked Ed if he had stopped by the house yet to see if Henry returned, but Ed did not answer.   Although Ed claimed he didn’t know where Henry was, he amazingly led them right to where his body was.  There was his brother Henry, curled on his side, dead.  They noticed the scorched ground all around him but no burns on this clothes or body, he did have what could have been a burn or laceration from being hit on the head.  That couldn’t be it, must have been his heart gave way.

Fire in the woods

They never questioned it, why would Ed be a suspect?  After all, the Gein family have already lost their father, now thy have lost their eldest son.  At the funeral Ed was acting odd around mother proclaiming how Henry would have been a disappointment if he had lived, being a sinner in thoughts and all, and how it was just him and momma now.  I think at this point Augusta may have been a little more self-aware of how Ed was getting a little stranger than normal.

Lucky her, as she fell ill and was bed ridden, Eddie was going to take good care of momma.  No one in the world would be able to take care of her like he could.   At first, she was semi mobile and he would drive her to town for provisions as she never trusted people, figuring they would take advantage of her Ed.

Then the day came, momma died.  Ed lost control like a little child and everyone around him noticed.  He became withdrawn even more.  His behavior become more and more strange.  What was this man doing at this farmhouse all alone with no fancy electric lights?  What does isolation do to a man who has never had a true friend except his mother?

His answer was resurrection!

Henry Gein
Augusta Gein
Ed Gein – Part 4

Ed Gein – Part 4

Ed Gein is now all alone at the farmhouse, without mother around, he can now dive into his curiosities of women.  He would go to the local book store and purchase more of his Detective Magazines (he used to have to have to hide from Augusta) and books on the anatomy of women, head hunting and resurrection.  He was already semiskilled at taxidermy, so why not branch out and make his own love doll?

Like this guy did in Russia

While Ed boned up on how to shrink heads, learn all the parts of a vagina and how to outsmart the police, He would baby sit for the locals.  Some boys he babysat for discovered some of his shrunken heads that were not very “shrunken” and Ed played it off as a gift from overseas.  The parents dismissed what their kids seen and Ed was off the hook from suspicion of any wrong doing.  After all, it is just “Weird Ed”, the man that loves to tell ghost stories and get the kids all geared up.

Some of his neighbors were not as trusting and some had feared Eddie.  One time Eddie had dinner with a local family when they had a female guest relative over.  Eddie would stare at the young girl as though he were undressing her.   A stranger had broken in their house one night when the folks were sleeping and a young boy in the house was choked out from the attacker who was asking him questions of the whereabouts of the young girl visitor.  The boy later said the attacker looked like Eddie Gein when questioned by his parents.  Ed was never invited back to their house for dinner or any other event and the incident went unreported to authorities.  Other women told stories of hearing noises outside of their window and thought they had seen Eddie as a peeping tom.

Eddie was now living in complete filth, like a hoarder.  Eddie Gein would sink his fingers in a can of pork and beans to check to see if it were warm enough to eat.  He would light his oil lamps and read up on the female anatomy and started doing experiments.  He had a mentally ill friend who helped him dig up some graves in the grave yard, Ed explained that he needed them for experiments and would put them back when he was done.  It was time to resurrect Momma and (like Jesus Christ) she would return to the world to save it as momma was nothing less than a Saint.

Augusta would recite from memory, Proverbs:

The lips of a strange woman drop honey, and her mouth is smoother than oil: But her latter end is bitter as wormwood, Sharp as a two-edged sword.

Now therefore, my sons, hearken unto me, and depart not from the words of my mouth. Remove thy way far from her, and come not nigh the door of her house.

For why shouldest thou, my son, be ravished with a strange woman.  And embrace the bosom of a stranger?

What, my son? and what, O son of my womb? And what, O son of my vows? give not thy strength unto women, Nor thy ways to that which destroyeth kings.

He could hear her words as she spoke from the Bible:

 So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.  And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet coulour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand, full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication: and upon her forehead was a name written: “MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH”


It was believed that the first woman Ed Gein took from the grave was his mother.  Eddie would carve out the vagina and anus and skin the breasts from the torso and the rest he would cut up for meat, except the face.  Eddie painted momma’s vagina silver because her’s was special.  He would peel off the face or save the entire head to keep him company and he would put lipstick on them, that way they would be dressed up for dinner.

Eddie would use the skin to make lampshades, upholster chairs, decorative masks for the wall and even had full body suits to wear while he beat a drum to the light of a full moon during his rituals of resurrections.  He danced the night away, dressed in the flesh of a woman.  He had his own version of cross dressing.


He even had a nipple belt, maybe it looked like this?

Ed Gein’s inventory of fleshy treasures around the farmhouse included:

  • Four noses
  • Whole human bones and fragments
  • Nine masks of human skin
  • Bowls made from human skulls
  • Ten female heads with the tops sawn off
  • Human skin covering several chair seats
  • Nine vaginas in a shoe box
  • A belt made from female human nipples
  • Skulls on his bedposts
  • A pair of lips on a drawstring for a window shade
  • A lampshade made from the skin from a human face

Eddie was about to add to that growing collection with a real live woman, not the dead kind no more, they smelled too bad…

His friend that helped him finally was committed to a hospital for the mentally ill, so Eddie was on his own but by then he had a system down.  Eddie would read the obituaries in the local paper and get them late at night just after they were buried that way the dirt was softer and easier to shovel.

Ed Gein – Part 5

Ed Gein – Part 5

The Missing Girls

georgia weckler

Georgia Jean Wreckler was last seen near her farm home in rural Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin at approximately 3:30 p.m. on May 1, 1947. A neighbor gave her a ride part of the way home from the Oakland Center school, where she was a third-grader, and dropped her off at the entrance to the half-mile-long driveway leading up to her home.

Georgia told the neighbor that she might go into the woods and pick some flowers for a May Day basket before going home. She and her siblings normally rode their bicycles to school, but it had rained recently and the ground had been muddy, so Georgia’s father drove his children to school the morning of her disappearance. Georgia was released half an hour before her older brother and sister, and found a ride with the neighbor, who had gone to the school to pick up her own child.

The neighbor saw Georgia collect a large bundle of letters from her family’s mailbox and start walking up the driveway, but she never arrived at her house. She has never been heard from again and the mail she was carrying at the time of her disappearance has never been found. Georgia’s mother was initially not concerned when the child did not arrive home; she assumed Georgia was with her father. The parents began searching at 6:00 p.m. when Georgia’s father arrived at home without his daughter.

Witnesses reported seeing a dark-colored, possibly black, four-door 1936 Ford sedan with a gray plastic spotlight in the vicinity that afternoon. The car vanished at the same time Georgia did, and deep tire tracks were later found on the road, as if a vehicle had pulled out fast.

1937 ford sedan

At first investigators believed Georgia had been kidnapped for ransom, as her father was a public official and a man of means. Days passed and no ransom demands were made, however. Authorities now believe Georgia was taken by a sexual predator. Curiously, prior to her disappearance, Georgia had made several remarks indicating that she especially feared being kidnapped.

Ed Gein is considered a possible suspect in Georgia’s disappearance as Gein did own a black 1937 Ford and was in the area at the time of her disappearance reportedly visiting relatives.

Georgia’s disappearance remains unsolved.

mary hogan tavern
Ed Gein was now going to the tavern more often drinking and thinking about having a sex change and had even asked the other guys at the bar if they had ever thought of having a sex change.  Everyone had a good laugh and dismissed it as just another random stupid thing from crazy Ed.  At this time, he was beginning to become more uncomfortable about how tavern owner Mary Hogan was talking to the other guys.  She was everything his mom despised in a woman.

Ed’s dead mother kept crowding his mind, so he kept drinking trying to drown out her voice in his head, but it never worked she kept getting louder and more demanding…  Kill that Harlot!  Kill her Ed!

Ed began making nocturnal visits to as many as 40 cemeteries, frequently leaving without any offense, but on at least 9 occasions Ed dug up the coffins of newly-buried middle-age women. He had scouted these women out in the obituaries. He would take what he wanted then recover the violated graves.

Besides masturbation, Ed denies ever having has a sexual experience in his life and stated that he never had sex with the cadavers because “they smelled too bad.” His cravings and compulsions still fall under the category of necrophilia. An increase in missing persons in the area began at this time as well, stumping police.

grave digger ed gein

Evelyn Hartley was baby-sitting a twenty-month-old girl at the home of La Crosse State College professor Viggo Rasmusen on the evening of October 24, 1953. Rasmusen and his wife, along with many other La Crosse residents, were attending the town homecoming game. The Rasmusen house was located in the 2400 block of Hoeschler Drive. The family had a regular baby-sitter, but she also planned to attend the homecoming game that night.

Evelyn Grace HartleyEvelyn was hired as a replacement. She brought four or five school books with her and planned to study while the baby slept. She was supposed to call her parents at 8:30 p.m. to check in, but she never did. Her father tried to call several times that day and never got an answer. He became worried and went to Rasmusens’ house to check on his daughter.

Evelyn’s father found the house’s doors locked and the lights and radio on. The baby was unharmed, asleep in her crib, but there was no sign of Evelyn. The furniture inside the living room was disarranged and Evelyn’s textbooks were scattered. One of her shoes and her eyeglasses, which were broken, were on the living room floor. Her other shoe was found in the basement. All the windows in the house locked except a basement window in the back of the house. The screen for that window had been taken out and was leaning against the outside wall.  A short stepladder was positioned at the window in the basement; it belonged to the Rasmusens and they’d been using it to help paint the basement.

In addition to the indications of forced entry, was a significant amount of blood of Evelyn’s type both inside the home near the basement window, and outside in the yard. There were two pools of blood in the yard; one stain was 18 inches in diameter. There was a bloody handprint about four feet off the ground on the wall of a garage 100 feet from the Rasmusens’ home, and stains on the home of a neighbor’s house.  Tracker dogs traced Evelyn’s scent for two blocks, then lost the trail at Coulee Drive northeast of the Rasmusen home. Authorities believe whoever took her put her in a car.

Several days after her disappearance, a pair of underpants and a brassiere that could have been Evelyn’s were found near the underpass on Highway 14, two miles south of La Crosse. They too were stained with blood. A bloodstained pair of men’s pants was found along the same road four miles away; it is unknown if the pants are connected to Evelyn’s case.

Some people suspect Edward Theodore Gein may have been involved in Evelyn’s case.   He was visiting relatives in La Crosse, just blocks from the home where she was babysitting, on the night of her disappearance.  No trace of Evelyn was found on his property and he denied any involvement in her case. He has still not been completely cleared.

Her case remains unsolved.

Ed Gein – Part 6 The Final Chapter

Ed Gein – Part 6 The Final Chapter

In the winter of 1954, a Plainfield tavern keeper by the name of Mary Hogan mysteriously disappeared from her place of business. Police suspected foul play when they discovered blood on the tavern floor that trailed into the parking lot. Gein’s needs escalated into believing to perfect his desired sex change he would need fresher bodies.

On December 8, 1954, Gein, now age 48, was attending Mary Hogan’s tavern and shared the bar space with hunters and farmers who enjoyed putting back a few and listening to the sailor talk of bartender/owner Mary.  She had a mouth and demeanor that “Mother” wouldn’t approve.  That night Mary Hogan vanished with only a trail of blood on the floor that led outside.

mary-hoganThe police were unable to solve the strange disappearance of Mary Hogan, but with the blood found at the tavern, they knew she was most likely a victim of foul play.

Police also discovered an empty bullet cartridge on the floor. Police could only speculate about what might have happened to Mary because like the other missing people, they had no bodies and little useful evidence. The only other common tie among these cases was that all of the disappearances happened around or in Plainfield, Wisconsin.

Ed Gein Kills His Final Victim

wordensOn November 16, Gein robbed Worden at the local hardware store she owned and killed her. Her son, a deputy, had suspected Eddie from the start.  Earlier he was in the shop to purchase some antifreeze.  He was always looking at her as though he was peeling her clothes off.  (or in Ed’s mind her skin)  Found at the crime scene was receipt from the last customer… Ed Gein.  Blood was on the floor and the cash register was missing.  The deputy rounded up some men and went to Ed’s farmhouse only to discover his mother’s body naked and gutted like a deer in his summer shed and the missing cash register.

When authorities searched Gein’s farmhouse, they found an unimaginably grisly scene: organs were in the refrigerator, a heart sat on the stove, and heads had been made into soup bowls. Apparently, Gein had kept various organs from his grave digging and murders as keepsakes and for decoration. He had also used human skin to upholster chairs.

Though it is believed that he killed others during this time, Gein only admitted to the murders of Worden and Hogan and that was only after getting a piece of apple pie with some cheese on it as a reward for speaking.  He was describing the killings when he had a funny look on his face of disgust.  The physiologist had though that Eddie was showing signs of remorse until Ed said: “This cheese taste dried out, it’s giving me a stomach ache.”  He then smiled and continued to describe his gristly work as though he was telling how to change the oil filter on his ford truck.

In 1958, Gein was declared insane and sent to the Wisconsin State Hospital in Mendota, where he remained until his death in 1984.

He was such a good patient that he was allowed to have huge hedge clippers when trimming the landscape outside the hospital.

Mother!  Blood!

Mary Hogan Tavern

The police questioned everyone that was at the tavern the night of her disappearance and it also included Eddie Gein, but after they spoke to Ed, they had thought that this simpleton couldn’t possibly be a suspect and moved on to other leads.

mary hogan headEd joked with the locals with “Mary isn’t missing… She is back at my farmhouse right now.”  Everyone laughed.  Little did they know that Mary was at his farmhouse butchered up and her head was in a paper sack.


bernice worden ass

Mr. Microphone

Mr. Microphone

Hey Everybody!  I’m on the radio!

Who can resist to hear their voice on the radio?

Hey good looking!! We’ll be back to pick you up later.. Hours she waited, but Mr. Microphone never returned.

Professional entertainers use Mr. Microphone!  I did wind up on radio later in life as a disc jockey, sorry Ronco, I never used it professionally.  I preferred a nice Shure model.

Mr. Microphone was great for the person holding the mic and pure torture for anyone within listening distance.  TESTING TESTING TESTING – HEY HEY – CHECK CHECK!!

The guy who hocked this plastic microphone with the orange sponge wind shield also pitched the famous Ginsu Knives (most likely to stab the person on a Mr. Microphone).

They sold like crazy and believe it or not, Mr. Microphone was actually was the founder of Karaoke.  We all need a Ginsu to slit our wrists while listening to drunkards butcher Don’t Stop Believing in bars across America.  It makes you want to rush the stage and say;  After The Fall…

karaoke attack

Who’s Crying Now?


Have you ever broadcast your voice on one of these?  Better yet, have you ever sung Karaoke and thought you were in tune?  If you have, congratulations!  You have been made fun of behind your back.

See how hip you look with one?

Sony Walkman TPS-L2

Sony Walkman TPS-L2

Sony Walkman TPS-L2

I realize it’s not really a toy, but it was the electronic device that revolutionized how we listened to music during this era of my toy collecting.  The year was 1979, I was the lucky one who introduced the Sony Walkman to my friends at school and they (like me) could not believe the amazing sound!  It was the first time that you felt like you had a concert in your head with amazing surround clarity.  There is still those that argue that nothing (even today) matches the sound of the Sony Walkman TPS-L2.

It was made of the best quality materials such as a metal case and it had a dark blue leather (or leather-like) cover.  The great thing was you could share the experience with another person as it had two headphone jacks.  At the time, if you wanted to share music you would make your sweetheart a “mixed tape” with songs typically off the radio recorded in hack fashion on a cassette.  The Sony Walkman had an orange button not for recording, but when pressed the “holder of the device” could speak into the mic and talk to the person listening on headphone 2 (it dimmed down the volume) that way you didn’t have to take off your headphones to speak.

Locating the very first Sony Walkman can be somewhat difficult on eBay and when you do find one (that doesn’t have a broken belt or has not been beaten up etc.) it can set you back some money.   They are out there and I will eventually get one.  How else am I going to listen to the racks and racks of cassettes I have in my garage?  Yep, never threw them out and I have had many opportunities to do so.  I keep them in hopes that one day I will own this magnificent piece of my childhood again.  Getting back this piece of history is definitely on my bucket list.

How cool was it to own one?

I can’t even remember the first song I listened to on my iPhone.

Yeah, the Sony Walkman TPS-L2 was that memorable!

Groovy Baby!

If you ever had one, I bet you always played the demo cassette that came with it to show people the sound.  Remember the airplane that soared from one ear then over your head to the other ear?  Maybe it was the F1 Grand Prix race car zooming around you or orchestra music?  Yep, I remember it to this day because the TPS-L2 was that awesome.


Zero M Sonic Blaster

Zero M Sonic Blaster

The Zero M Sonic Blaster was recalled because it made kids deaf for a period of time.

This is the toy I am always on the lookout for.  I figure the Sonic Blaster will be an effective way to get my dog’s attention when she barks at squirrels and refuses to come when I call her and also to wake up my daughter when she sleeps in and misses school.

Besides being extremely cool, The Sonic Blaster had a commercial starring. Kurt Russell.

You remember him in “Escape from New York” as Plissken?


“Call me SNAKE”



Who can forget Kurt in “Big Trouble in Little China”?

It had the best Kung Fu scenes ever put on film and one of the funniest death scenes…


My wife has a similar look on her face when she is balancing our checkbook.

If you find a Sonic Blaster in grandma’s attic, please email me!

BulletMan – G.I. Joe

BulletMan – G.I. Joe

Bulletman came to the rescue when a river overflowed and threatened to flood a town. He smashed through a mountain to remove a piece which he used to block the river. All this was observed by G.I. Joe and Mike Power who suggested that he should join the Adventure Team and Bulletman agreed.

What can I say, Steve Austin was putting a dent in the G.I. Joe sales and they needed an answer?  At that same time Mego was kicking out an 8-inch super hero action set including Superman, Batman and Robin, Spiderman as well as a whole line of action figures.  G.I. Joe needed to get rid of the military reference and so they renamed the Joes “Action Team”.

The Action Team brought us new Joes such as: Mike Power – The Atomic Man, BulletMan – The Human Bullet and Eagle Eye commander.  Eagle Eye had a lever in the back of his head so you could move his eyes.

And this was their commercial to introduce them to the marketplace:

Catchy jingle huh?  I bet it is running through your head right now.

BulletMan was a running joke back in the day, I mean really, he looks like a vibrator!  Now he commands top dollar for a good one.  They even have BulletMan races at Disney.  No Joke!  People show up with their BulletMan and send them down a string to see who will win.

I had to have one.  So now I pay the price, and with him I also purchased the rest of the “Action Team” and proudly put them on display next to the guy who they always tried to be, The Six Million Dollar Man action figure – Steve Austin.  I mean really guys; the Action Team was rolling in the dirt with “miniature wrestler aliens” called the Intruders and battling snakes while Steve was nailing every skirt in town on his show.  He even has the Bionic Woman and Fembot as an action figure.  Who does the Action Team have?  Looks like they were the “No Action Team”.

Overall, they won the war as G.I. Joe lives on and the Bionic Man has fallen out of grace after a horrible “Biff Pang Pow” creation that has no resemblance of him at all and you can’t sell those figures if you offer a free Rolex watch in the bundling.  I won’t even show you a picture of this figure, some things in life are better unseen.

If you are a comic head and are thinking; “What about Bullet Girl” Sorry, BulletMan was unlicensed for the G.I. Joe line so she doesn’t count.

The Star on the forehead for best overall look at the G.I. Joe Adventure team goes to: plaidstallions.com

The Gold Star for taking it to a new level of “You need to get outside more” goes to: bulletman.org

Espo Productions designed by Tim Huck

Espo Productions designed by Tim Huck


Espo Productions
is from Clearwater, Florida and owner Tony Esposito happens to be a partner with me with our Text-To-Screen venture.  I gave his website a new look in 2013 adding new features and high tech capabilities that represent his company well.  He is a very athletic guy and very popular due to his magnetic personality.

Ed Gein Action Figure – Banned from Ebay!

Ed Gein Action Figure – Banned from Ebay!


It’s the Ed Gein mego-style prototype action figure. Only 2 were made! Extremely rare from Geiner Toys. Banned from Ebay because it is “Murderabilia” and considered “glorifying a serial killer” but you can buy it now Exclusively on TimHuck.com! (more…)